Above All Else, Credibility Moves People.

When attempting to influence attitudes and behaviors, you need a partner with business acumen. Seasoned executive communications professionals who know what it takes to reach audiences with whom your product, service or issue share a mutual environment. Like it or not, your actions touch many influential audiences who can affect your agenda. From consumers to government officials and many in between, each must be actively managed to ensure your product, service or issue advances.

Executive communications affects what influential audiences learn about, how they feel about what they learned, and, ultimately, how they will act on what they know. An objective perspective to business challenges and opportunities, however, often comes from outside an executive’s circle of advisors. External communications counsel brings unvarnished opinions and pointed insights, serving as loyal opposition to tell executives what they need to hear.

Karl James & Company combines decades of proven experience with a relentless commitment to advancing our client interests. We create strategic partnerships with our clients through comprehensive campaigns designed to accelerate specific objectives.

Whether clients seek increased awareness, more sales, transformation or reinforcement of existing perceptions, or internal alignment with business objectives, we provide counsel and campaigns designed to differentiate a particular value proposition in the minds of those who influence outcomes. This is our commitment to you.

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Above All Else, Credibility Moves People