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Credibility moves people.


We deliver research-based, actionable campaigns designed to ensure we meet client expectations. Karl James & Company produces authoritative positions in crowded marketplaces to cut through competing messages and images.
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Karl James & Company provides counsel and campaigns designed to advance a particular value proposition with influential audiences. Our team applies decades of experience representing leading organizations and diverse industries across North America. For our clients, we deliver relentless dedication to achieving their objectives.
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Realistic, clearly defined goals and timelines allow clients to easily evaluate value for their investment. Karl James & Company offers market research, brand creation, creative services for print, digital, outdoor and broadcast. We offer public relations, advertising, digital marketing, social media, lobbying, copy writing and event services.
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Countering Social Media Attacks
A national retailer client of Karl James & Company faced relentless online criticism from a consumer with a record of shaking down businesses on social media. The consumer turned to Facebook with baseless claims to secure compensation. All attempts to resolve the issue were ineffective. Anything short of meeting outrageous monetary demands was rejected by the disgruntled consumer.
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